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“Is Your Baby Good?” (Video)

A Rant… a Necessary one!

Please stop asking the question ‘is your baby good’. What does that even mean anyway? Are you really questioning the baby’s morality?

I read a tweet the other day that made me laugh. Somebody had got her baby in a sling on her back and someone said ‘oh is he good?’ and she responded ‘I don’t know, he could be smoking crack back there for all I know’. Similarly, I sometimes used to answer people ‘oh no they’re evil’ and they, all a fluster would say, “no no no, that’s not what I mean erm… what I’m trying to say is, do they cry much?”

Crying Babies

Really? They are a baby. It’s normal if they cry. That’s how they communicate. So please stop asking lazy questions, because parents can sometimes take it that you’re questioning if their parenting is up to scratch. There are enough insecurities out there, enough pressure on new parents. So, let’s not add to it with ill thought out questions.

Sleeping Babies

Let’s also stop asking if they’re sleeping through the night, it is not normal for a baby that’s days, weeks or sometimes even months old to be sleeping through the night. We wouldn’t advise you to leave your baby for any more than five hours. If their sleep for prolonged periods you should wake them and feed them. It’s completely normal if your baby wakes every 1 to 2 hours in those early days and weeks.

How are you both getting on? How can I help?

So please stop asking about crying, stop asking if they’re sleeping through the night. Instead, let’s take interest, ask how they’re getting on and ask if there’s anything we can do to help.

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