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Hayfever during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding (Video)

Quick FAQs

Hayfever season is upon us! If you’ve got hayfever during pregnancy or breastfeeding then it can be doubly difficult.

Now it may be that you’re a longtime sufferer or it may be that you’re experiencing hayfever for the first time this year and you’re pregnant or you’re breastfeeding. So I’m going to look at some of the natural & medical things you can do to help.

Tips and Tricks to Fight Hay-fever During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Physical Barriers

For starters wearing sunglasses & a hat can help. Pollen is sticky – it’s designed to stick to things. If you can avoid it sticking, getting in your eyes, your nose and your mouth then you’re off to a winning start. Also wearing a hat means you avoid it getting stuck to your hair.

Wash, Wash, Wash!

Shower more regularly than you would do normally because this is going to rinse off that pollen that has got stuck to you. And wash your clothes more regularly than you would do normally – bit of a pain but just put them on a quick wash – doesn’t have to be a particularly hot wash but just to get rid of that sticky pollen. And then dry all your clothes indoors which is such a shame on a beautiful day like today when it’s natural to put everything outside but then that pollen’s gonna get stuck to your clothes. Same goes for bedding so dry it all indoors.

Sticky Stuff

There are some natural products that you can try such as haymax – its main ingredients is beeswax. You can use anything sticky and you can try to use something that is hypoallergenic and good for your skin. You’ll also find that well-known products like petroleum jelly also do the job. So if you put that in your nostrils and just under your eyes the pollen gets stuck to that rather than actually going into your eyes & up your nose.

Have a Spa Day

This is a good shout during any part of your pregnancy or breastfeeding, but especially if you have hayfever during pregnancy. You can try cucumber slices on your eyes if your eyes are feeling really sore & itchy and also if you’ve made a cup of tea save the teabag, rinse it through with some cold water squeeze it out a bit, lie back & put those on your eyelids & that feels really great.

Food is Medicine!

Lot’s of people swear by eating local honey (DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR BABY). A spoon full a few times a day takes the edge a way. To really benefit here, gradually include honey in your regular diet to build up pollen exposure in a non-reactive way. Pro-bioatics are a winner for lots of reasons and good gut health definitely helps with allergies. Similarly, elderflower and elderberry products are often touted and we personally used to find them useful; before we were cured…

Cured of hayfever? Yup! My husband Jake suffered hugely with hayfever, to the point where he was hospitalised. But Jake no longer suffers after one dietary adjustment. Cutting out grains! Grains a well known to cause inflammation and hayfever is ultimately an over the top inflammatory response. Jake’s base level inflammation was already high because of a grain based diet. Add in pollen and the inflammation cocktail was having a field day… Jake, had no field days. So, if you’re struggling with hayfever, it’s worth giving this one a shot. In fact, we highly recommend giving this a shot if you’re allergic to pollen or not!


Studies show that people who better managed their stress had reduced incidence of seasonal allergies. This is, again, likely due to reduced base levels of inflammation. If you’re suffering from hayfever during pregnancy, do consider our hypnobirthing course to manage stress and anxiety.

Play Dirty

Getting out into nature any playing in the trees and mud could help your hayfever! Getting a broader spectrum of bacteria and even what might be considered pathogens gives your immune system something better to do than make your eyes itch and nose run! Sounds odd but here’s a useful article to explain more…

Obviously this may not be your go to when you’ve got hayfever and are pregnant, but its worth building in to daily life year round. This is also super important for your kids once they are out and about (not in your womb that is!)


There are eyedrops & nose sprays available from pharmacists but you need to be careful that you’re not going to have an allergic reaction to these. So if you’ve used them in the past then the chances are you’re probably not going to have a reaction but if this is new to you, use them with caution. Have a chat with the pharmacist & then also just use them sparingly initially, to be certain that you don’t react.

In terms of oral medication the one that’s deemed to have least side-effects for hayfever during pregnancy or breastfeeding is loratadine. Don’t be fooled into buying branded products you can buy the unbranded ones that are very cheap but just as effective.

If you’re unsure have a chat with your GP or pharmacist because they’ll be able to give you more specific personal advice. But if you’d like some more general advice about pregnancy & early parenting, check out our courses.

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