Antenatal Classes FAQ

Can my (birth) partner come?

– Yes! All our local antenatal classes and online antenatal classes are designed for both of you and really helpful for (birth) partners. We don’t get you to do anything embarrassing so you can tell them to relax!
– The cost is for both of you (one pregnant woman and one non pregnant birth partner).

Is the cost for one or two people?

The cost is for two of you (one pregnant woman and one non pregnant birth partner).

What’s the difference between Expecting classes & NHS classes

– Expecting goes into far more depth than NHS antenatal classes.
– NHS antenatal classes can be a little hit & miss depending on who has been asked to teach them.
– There’s not usually an opportunity to meet others at NHS antenatal classes as they are large groups with different people attending different sessions.
– NHS classes are free, whereas there is a fee for Expecting classes.

What’s the difference between Expecting classes & NCT (National Childbirth Trust) classes?

– NCT classes are not always run by midwives but rather mums who have done in house training with NCT. All Expecting classes are taught & hosted by experienced midwives.
– NCT classes are much more expensive than Expecting classes.
– Expecting offers a no-nonsense balanced approach with no agenda when it comes to natural birth v caesarean or breastfeeding v bottle feeding.

Will I be asked to do anything embarrassing?

Absolutely not! There is nothing cringey about our classes! There’s no role play! There’s no expectation for you to join in!

When can I sign up?

– Any time after your first scan.
– If you’ve left it really late you can still sign up for our online course & get instant access to our full course & even benefit from a video call with a midwife after baby has arrived.

How many weeks pregnant should I be when I attend the classes?

– Our hypnobirthing class; any time from knowing you’re pregnant!
– Our local classes/virtual classes; start them anytime from 27-34 weeks pregnant (as these usually last 4 weeks).
– Our online course; ideally anytime from 30-38 weeks pregnant as you get access for a month.

What’s the difference between the online antenatal course and the virtual classes?

– Both give you access to our full course to stream and watch/rewatch in the comfort of your own home for a month.
– The virtual classes include Zoom calls with others at a similar stage of pregnancy and gives an opportunity to get to know one another, hear their questions and benefit from the wisdom of your experienced midwife. A what’s app group is set up for the mums to be in the group for added support from each other & your Expecting midwife.
– The online course includes a video call with an experienced Expecting midwife to answer any questions you might have including those specifically about your pregnancy.

I’m/my (birth) partner is going to miss one of the classes – what do we do?

You/they can just catch up in your own time; we can give you access to the session you missed online and if it’s a virtual class we can record it and send it to you – either way, you won’t miss out!

I know I’m having a planned Caesarean section. Is Expecting still relevant for me?

– Yes! We cover what to expect when you’re booked in for a caesarean & the aftercare.
– Our feeding & early parenting sessions are still equally relevant.
– Our hypnobirthing class can help keep you calm during pregnancy & be used in theatre during your caesarean.
– Our classes are a great way to meet others at a similar life stage.

Does the feeding class cover breast and bottle feeding?

– Yes indeed! We offer non-biased information enabling you to make an informed decision & support you in your choices.

I’m a single mum, can I come on my own/can I bring a friend?

Yes! We’ve had a number of single mums who have attended Expecting (alone or with a friend/family member) and always commented on how welcomed they felt. Expecting is a fantastic platform to gain support from one another regardless of circumstances.

Can my mum come?

The booking is for one pregnant woman and one non pregnant (birth) partner; you choose who that is & you’re welcome to bring a different person to different sessions.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, just an open mind and a listening ear! Refreshments are provided (please let your Expecting host midwife know if you have a severe allergy).

I’m shy/introverted – will I be expected to talk or put on the spot?

No, you can join in discussion as much or little as you like, or not at all. At the beginning of each session we remind everyone of our name but whoever you brought along can introduce you if you’d prefer.

I’m really squeamish – am I likely to faint/vomit?

We don’t show live birth videos! Some people feel squeamish talking/hearing about birth but in our experience this factual exposure prepares them well for the actual event meaning they’re less likely to faint/vomit on the day!

Should I make notes?

we provide accompanying notes to the course so you shouldn’t need to but feel free to if that’s how you learn best. These are available for both local and online antenatal classes.

Are antenatal classes and courses still as relevant for same sex couples?

Absolutely! It’s important you’re both prepared regardless of gender/sex. We’ve had a number of single sex couples attend our classes.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable! You’re only ever asked to sit or stand. We don’t ask you to move around in weird positions or anything like that!

I/my (birth) partner needs to come straight from work, can we bring our dinner?

Of course! The classes are very informal – feel free to eat away! Some of our local classes have microwaves in the kitchen that you can use to heat food.

Should my (birth) partner attend the hypnobirthing class?

We recommend they do, as this gives them a much better understanding of what it is and therefore how they can support you. They may also find the techniques useful for everyday situations in life/to aid sleep.

Can I wear my pyjamas for the Virtual classes/hypnobirthing class?

Yes! That’s the beauty of Zoom! Be as comfortable as you like. We keep cameras off for those attending the hypnobirthing class so no one sees or hears you join in. You can even wear pyjamas to local classes… if you really want to!

Can I still ask questions after the class/course?

Absolutely! Your Expecting host midwife is on hand to receive calls or text messages right up until your baby is 28 days old. Don’t hesitate to get in touch whether you’ve been at a local cass or one of our online antenatal classes.

How does the reunion work?

– We usually arrange a date & time that everyone can make at least 4 weeks after the last due date of the group.
– We usually meet in a cafe/pub which has plenty of space for buggies & car seats.
– There’s no agenda, just a lovely opportunity to chat & meet each other’s babies!
– Our Zoom reunions work similarly but you can wear your pyjamas if you like!

Who will I contact if I want more info at any point?

Us! We’re a small family run business and you’ll never be dealt with by anyone but us or one of our host midwives… and not the kids!
Family Run Antenatal Classes

How have previous clients found the course?

Apparently they’ve loved it – check out our reviews!

I can’t afford your classes, what should I do?

We run our classes because we love empowering families to live life well, not to make money. We try to make everything as affordable as possible. If your struggling, get in touch with us as we don’t want money to be a barrier for you!