Baby Massage – Stafford


Relaxed 4 week baby massage course in Stafford, taught by midwife Freya, who is also qualified in infant massage accredited by internationally renowned ‘Touch Learn’. Freya also offers a more condensed course for Dads over 3 weekend sessions.


Baby Massage – Stafford

Our baby massage courses (Beyond Expecting) in Stafford are a wonderful way to bond with your baby! You can meet other parents or reconnect with those you met at your Expecting classes. Each course is 6 hours long over 4x 1.5 hour sessions which allows for time to chat, off load & receive refreshments! (Dad’s courses are condensed into 3 x 1.5 hour sessions on weekends.

Our relaxed classes are in Freya’s home in Stafford. Freya is an expert midwife with over 20 years NHS experience. She qualified in Infant Massage with Touch Learn.

You don’t need to bring anything (well, don’t forget your baby & a spare nappy)! Mats, towels & oils are provided at your baby massage course. You will also receive a small bottle of oil to take home after the first session, so you can start trying your baby massage at home!

(It’s important to understand that your baby may not want to be massaged in the class & that’s ok – you can still learn the techniques to try at home).

Baby massage benefits

Baby massage has endless benefits for both babies and their parents. These will be explained during the sessions. Many parents are relieved to know it can help improve baby’s quality of sleep through relaxation! It’s also brilliant for helping the digestive system & reducing the discomfort of colic, wind & constipation! Other benefits of baby massage are listed below.

Please be aware that your babies should be at least 6 weeks old and shouldn’t be crawling when you join the classes.

Massage can help babies…

  • feel loved, respected and secure 
  • adapt to their new environment 
  • learn to play

Improve physiological health by…

  • stimulating all the senses
  • promoting relaxation which can improve quality of sleep
  • enhancing growth & development
  • encouraging body awareness
  • regulating the digestive systems & reduce the discomfort of colic, wind & constipation
  • improving skin condition & muscle tone
  • maintaining flexibility of the joints, ligaments & tendons
  • strengthening the respiratory, & immune systems
  • stimulating the circulatory system
  • hoping to balance the nervous system

Massage can help parents…

  • feel more confident about handling their baby
  • understand the signs & signals their baby uses, so they know what they are ‘saying’ to them
  • find time to play with their baby
  • relax whilst having fun with their baby
  • enhance the feeling of closeness with their baby, so that their relationship may strengthen & grow




When can I start?

It’s recommended babies are at least 6 weeks old but preferably at least 8 weeks old when you start the course & unable to crawl.

- We don’t get you to do anything embarrassing so you can tell them to relax!
The cost is for both of you (one pregnant woman and one non pregnant birth partner).

What if I can’t make every session?

We do recap each body part at the next session & provide handouts so you can catch up. If there is space on another group session you can also attend that.

NCT classes are much more expensive than Expecting classes.

Expecting offers a no-nonsense balanced approach with no agenda when it comes to natural birth v caesarean or breastfeeding v bottle feeding.

What do I need to bring?

Your baby! Nappies/wipes & feeding equipment (your breasts or formula!) - everything else is provided, including mats, towels, oils, teething rings & rattles. Plus drinks for parents.

I don’t know anyone, can I come by myself?

Yes & you’ll be made to feel very welcome. This is a great opportunity in a relaxed environment to make friends.

If you’ve left it really late you can still sign up for our online course & get instant access to our full course & even benefit from a video call with a midwife after baby has arrived.

My partner is available that day, can they join?

Due to space, the places are for one parent & babies, however message Freya on the day - if she’s aware there is space, she’s happy to accommodate partners.

I’m a twin parent, can I bring both babies?

Yes of course! Freya will be on hand to help you juggle everything however please be aware she cannot massage one of your babies so they’ll need to take turns!

My baby is usually asleep at that time, is there any point in coming?

Yes definitely! Babies often sleep for some or even all of the session. There are dolls available for you to practice on or you can just relax and watch the techniques. These sessions are an opportunity to learn and apply your knowledge at home, but also a chance to create friendships, relax and be a little pampered yourself.

What if my baby is unsettled/unwell?

If your baby has a contagious illness it’s obviously best to stay away however if they are teething, have a mild rash (no temperature) or are just having a grumpy day, come along and enjoy getting out, being with people and learning the techniques even if you don’t massage your baby at the class.

What if my baby has recently had their immunisations?

Still come along & learn the techniques & enjoy the chat but there are a few reasons why we suggest you wait to massage babies & after jabs is one of them. Freya will explain more in the classes.