Grandparents’ Refresher Course


30 days access to our grandparents’ refresher course – book this course to add to your own wealth of experience



Grandparents’ Refresher Course

Help from grandparents can make all the difference in the first weeks & months of babyhood! Todays grandparents need to be aware of safe sleeping, car seat protection, post-natal depression, boundaries & other newborn precautions. If you’re confused you’re not alone. We have helped boost the confidence of excited grandparents across the UK.

We’re not teaching grandmothers (or grandfathers) to suck eggs. We fully recognise you have years of experience & wisdom to impart. You can be an incredible part of the village it takes to raise your grandchild. Anthropologists point out that one reason humans have flourished is because of the role of grandparents in societies.

It’s been a while…

It may have been 2, 3 or even 4 decades since your children were babies! You can update your knowledge on best practices for babies & children, around safe sleep, breast-feeding, bottle-feeding, weaning onto solids, staying in harmony with your kids & much more.

Forge the strongest family bond possible. Honour your love for your children & grandchildren. Blend your wisdom with modern caregiving insights – today!

Topics we cover include: support in pregnancy, exercise, myths, early days & visiting, your important role, safe sleep (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), breastfeeding & bottle feeding, bathing, offering water & solids, car seat safety, post natal depression…and a whole lot more.

Parents and Parents-to-be

Perhaps you’re pregnant & feel your parents or in-laws would benefit…
As an expert midwife, I have decades of experience walking alongside literally thousands of parents of bumps & babies. I’ve talked to clients about what they wish someone had explained to their parents’ generation. Allow me to explain the evidence based changes that may have developed since you were little.

I’ve seen grandparents make an enormous difference to pregnancies & parenting…for the better & sometimes for the worse. I’ve seen relationships grow & deepen as a new found mutual respect has developed & I’ve also sadly seen relationships break down or become the source of much stress & strain. My intention is that this video helps prevent the latter & encourages the former.

What grandparents say about us

I know this will be welcomed by many grandparents as it’s a struggle to keep up with all the new ‘rules’. Freya explains the reasoning behind them which makes them easier to understand & accept. One of the hardest bits for me is trying to strike the balance between helping & taking over – you cover that comprehensively.
Alyson, Glasgow

This is honouring to previous ways of doing things whilst bringing us up to date with good explanations. A great video helping new grandparents to feel well equipped to support their kids.
Sam, Stafford

We’re meant to live in community, not in isolation. Not to be dependent on one another but certainly not to be independent of one another – rather to live interdependently – a healthy connection & a healthy reliance. There is so much to be gained for everyone from the generation above & below us. Let’s work together!