– 2 hour live Zoom class with a qualified midwife
– 9 months access to all the resources you need to support your hypnobirthing practice
– Ongoing support.

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Hypnobirthing with Expecting

Our straight forward, straight talking no-nonsense course includes a 2 hour live Zoom class with a qualified midwife, 9 months access to all the resources you need to support your hypnobirthing practice & ongoing support.

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth – this course is for you and can lead to a much better birth experience.

We don’t use irritating breathy voices, we don’t call a contraction a “surge” or a “wave”, we rely on science, years of experience and a sense of humour!

But what is hypnobirthing? It’s not as weird as it sounds. It’s a combination of breathing techniques & visualisations to help you relax during pregnancy & labour. This helps everything to progress calmly – whether you’re planning a Caesarean section, a water birth, or have no plans at all!

You can join this class at any stage of pregnancy but the sooner the better to make full use of all the resources which help strengthen your hypnobirthing practice.

Not 100% sure? Check out our reviews! 

I did Freya’s hypnobirthing course before my 2nd birth. I hadn’t really ‘got’ hypnobirthing before, but Freya’s manner and explanation was down to earth and straightforward. I liked how she was keen for different people to use different things and methods depending on their individual preference. The website resources afterwards were really useful and relaxing. I actually used the visualisations throughout labour, and found it so much more helpful to be focused on something rather than the ‘pain’ itself. It was a really positive birthing experience!



How many weeks pregnant should I be when I attend the class?

Any time from knowing you’re pregnant! The sooner the better but it’s also not too late if you just heard about this and are already in the third trimester.

I know I’m having a planned Caesarean section. Is hypnobirthing still relevant for me?

- Certainly! Our hypnobirthing class can help keep you calm during pregnancy & be used in theatre during your caesarean.
- You’re likely to find our hypnobirthing class aids sleep too.

Should my (birth) partner attend the hypnobirthing class?

We recommend they do, as this gives them a much better understanding of what it is and therefore how they can support you. They may also find the techniques useful for everyday situations in life/to aid sleep.

Can I wear my pyjamas for the Virtual classes/hypnobirthing class?

Yes! That’s the beauty of Zoom! Be as comfortable as you like. We keep cameras off for those attending the hypnobirthing class so no one sees or hears you join in with the breathing exercises... imagine that, a room full of Darth Vaders...

Can I still ask questions after the class/course?

Absolutely! Your Expecting midwife is on hand to receive text messages.

How long can I access the hypnobirthing resources for after the class?

We give you 9 months access so plenty of time to practice, practice, practice!

I attended a full Expecting course years ago, do I still get the discount for the hypnobirthing class? It’s not showing up when I put it in the basket!

Yes, if you attended before we took bookings electronically (imagine that), or your membership has expired, or any other reason - just message Freya on 07825314070.