Online Antenatal Course (Full) – Videos, Downloads + Midwife video call


30 days access to all 4 expecting sessions to stream in the comfort of your own home. You’ll also receive access to additional downloadable content & a personal video consultation with an Expecting midwife.

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This is the Expecting full online antenatal course. The online antenatal course covers the full Expecting curriculum. You will be given 30 days access to all 4 expecting sessions to stream in the comfort of your own home. You’ll also receive access to additional downloadable content to supplement each session; please only refer to these after watching the relevant session. Within a few days of completing your booking an Expecting midwife will be in touch to arrange your video-call.

Whilst watching the online antenatal course you will receive prompts to pause the videos. During this time please write down any questions you have. You may find that these questions are answered later in the online antenatal course but there will be some questions relevant to your own personal situation. These questions, if not answered later in the videos, can be asked during your video call with one of our Expecting midwives along with any other issues you’d like to discuss.


Full range of topics covered:

Session 1


  • pregnancy
  • signs of labour
  • the latent phase & advice
  • what determines the length of your labour
  • going to hospital /calling the midwife
  • first, second & third stages of labour
  • what the birth partner might see
  • water-birth
  • when things don’t go according to plan

Session 2


  • attitude towards pain
  • role of the birth partner
  • coping methods for early labour
  • natural pain relief
  • medical pain relief

Session 3


  • skin to skin
  • breastfeeding benefits to mums and babies
  • sterilising
  • bottle feeding
  • SIDS (cot death)
  • challenges of breastfeeding
  • anatomy & how it works
  • expressing
  • breastfeeding and partners

Session 4


  • how life is about to change
  • first hour with your babies
  • visitors
  • practicalities
  • first days with your babies
  • why do babies cry?
  • nappy changing
  • bathing baby
  • dressing baby
  • car-seat safety
  • insight into parenthood

Expecting Quick Tips

Bite size tips on a whole range of pregnancy, birth and baby related topics (click the playlist button, top right on the player to see all of the video topics)



When can I sign up?

- Any time after your first scan.
- If you’ve left it really late you can still sign up for our online course & get instant access to our full course & even benefit from a video call with a midwife after baby has arrived.

What’s the difference between the online course and the virtual classes?

- Both options give you access to our full course to stream and watch/rewatch in the comfort of your own home for a month.

- The virtual classes include Zoom calls with others at a similar stage of pregnancy and gives an opportunity to get to know one another, hear their questions and benefit from the wisdom of your experienced midwife. A what’s app group is set up for the mums to be in the group for added support from each other & your Expecting midwife.

- The online course includes a video call with an experienced Expecting midwife to answer any questions you might have including those specifically about your pregnancy.

How long can I access the videos for?

- The full online course gives you access to the videos for a month.

- The individual videos can be watched for 7 days each so it makes sense to stagger the start dates if you purchase more than one.

I know I’m having a planned Caesarean section. Is Expecting still relevant for me?

- Yes! We cover what to expect when you’re booked in for a caesarean & the aftercare.

- Our feeding & early parenting sessions are still equally relevant.

- Our hypnobirthing class can help keep you calm during pregnancy & be used in theatre during your caesarean.

- Our classes are a great way to meet others at a similar life stage.

Does the feeding class cover breast and bottle feeding?

Yes indeed! We offer non biased information enabling you to make an informed decision & support you in your choices.

Are classes and courses still as relevant for same sex couples?

Absolutely! It’s important you’re both prepared regardless of gender/sexual orientation. We’ve had a number of single sex couples attend our classes.

Can I still ask questions after the class/course?

- Yes! Your Expecting host midwife is on hand to receive calls or text messages right up until your baby is 28 days old.