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Expecting’s Online Antenatal Classes bring quality, midwife run antenatal education right into the comfort of your own home and run on your schedule. We provide all you need to know for pregnancy, labour & birth, feeding your baby and life together in a new family unit.

Choose from either our full course or choose the modules you feel most needed (you can always upgrade the the full course afterwards without doubling-up on your spending).

My partner and I have just completed the expecting online course and it has been an absolute godsend during the coronavirus pandemic. When we went into lockdown I was very stressed at the thought of not being able to attend any antenatal classes as planned and didn’t know what to do. I tried to YouTube random antenatal videos but there was such a “mish-mash” of information that I felt more bewildered than ever. I was recommended Freya’s online course by several midwives and honestly they were right. The course is structured into 4 different episodes including Labour, Pain Relief, Feeding and Baby’s first days. It was great being able to watch the videos together with my partner, we watched them all through twice and made notes the second time around. We both feel so much better prepared now and don’t feel as though we have missed out on anything, which was definitely my main concern. Freya delivers the information brilliantly so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming to first-time parents like us. She makes you feel really at ease with it all. She also offers a video call once you have completed all of the online videos so that you can discuss any questions that you may have. I highly recommend this course, especially during the current situation, it will put your mind at ease and make you feel confident in bringing your baby into the world.

Marrianne, Online Course

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