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Privacy policy summary – easy to digest overview of what we & tools we use do with your data.

Full privacy policy – all the info you may want to know complete with legal bits.

Cookie policy – find out what we use to make our service work well and choose to opt out of non-essential cookies (analytics etc)  if you so wish!

Terms & Conditions – what you need to know about the agreements between expecting and you by using the website and if you make a booking.

Service Level Agreement – what happens specifically if you book a midwife hosted antenatal course, online-course, hypnobirthing class or a postnatal class (baby massage, baby yoga, Beyond Expecting).

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If you would like to see the data stored about you by expecting, use the button below – the information provided is a little hard to understand but you can also contact us if you’d like a more easy to digest version!

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